Read your way back to the country...

Wonderful books from a remarkable woman.
Carolyn j Morris is like a breath of spring in
the depths of winter. - Peter Campbell, Screenwriter, Actor

Railfence Books was established in 2011, with a vision to bring wholesome books to all generations. Railfence Books' first release in July 2011 was Mourning Dove, followed by Barn Swallows in November 2012, and Pine Warbler in August 2013. Chickadees at Christmas was released August 2014.

In 2015, Railfence Books presented Railfence Bunch! Carolyn's new children's series, Railfence Bunch, is rapidly filling the bookshelves of libraries and bookstores. Each book engages the audience with rhyme, rhythm, and repetition.

Carolyn j Morris writes stories that show respect for rural living and farm life. She is gaining a reputation for sharing her country roots through visits to Seniors Residences, with her baby chicks and ducklings and various speaking engagements.

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